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When considering your local care services, how do you know which care providers really live up to their promises? We believe there is no better point of reference than the the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as they work in the best interests of both service users and residents. CQC want the Swindon public to know which care services are safe, effective and responsive.

"Swindon Network Information"
This is about network technology and how it is being utilised in the care sector, ours is a data network and as such consists of a series of locations interconnected for the purpose of transmitting, receiving, and exchanging data with particular emphasis relating to the care industry.
Local area networks (LANs) interconnect endpoints in a single domain, namely
A network's capacity ... in this case how much data it can transmit at any one time ... is measured in terms of bandwidth.
A full mesh network which best describes our system occurs when all locations are directly connected to each other. It is also correct to refer to this one as a star network because all locations are attached to a common central hub.
When evaluating a network regarding search engine optimisation (SEO) clearly the larger the network the more powerful it becomes.

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The following phrases are typical of what people type into major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wow, InfoSpace & Dogpile when looking for care in the Keighley area.

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